“Davey to base, Davey to base.”

“Base, Davey, base, Davey. Go ahead.”

“Okay, I’m in midtown. Got an address for me?”

“Uh….skkkkkkkkkk…nope. Negatory.”


“Sorry, Davey. Someone’s in a meeting or something. I should have something for you within the hour. You’re still on the clock, so just find somewhere to park, get some dinner, keep your radio on.”

“It’s almost eight, base. Are these guys still working?”

“Uhhhh…skkkkkkkkkkk…yeah, got a message here from the guy. They’re pulling an all-nighter. They’ll need the package before…uh…midnight.”

“Jeez…think I might be in late tomorrow, base…”

“Yeah, that’s all right. You’re gonna make out good on this one, Davey. Just hang tight. I’ll call when I hear something.”

“Right. Davey out.”

“Base, Davey, out…skkkkkkkkk…”