So, there's this article talking about how Neanderthals are starting to appear to have been at least the intellectual equals of Homo Sapiens, if not our superior. Bigger than us, stronger, able to run faster, with a brain/body ratio at least as favorable as ours...what happened?

This goes back to characters in another thing, but what if the Neanderthals just weren't as good as we are at breeding? More selective, maybe, breeding with intent, or trying not to overrun the environment, or with females that were only able to breed a few times a year. Or, and this is the story thing, maybe they saw us crawling all over the place, fucking like bunnies and made a deliberate decision to step back, get out of the way. Maybe even breed in with us, keep the bloodlines going, keep the customs and gods and knowledge intact throughout the ages.

Mostly for notes, for the hotel story.


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